Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lauren at 15 months

15 months

Lauren finished the first quarter of her second year with a flourish: she's walking! Amid the busyness of Matt returning to work and Tobin starting first grade, she has found her own little place in the spotlight. As the third child, she's very good about going with the flow but she definitely asserts her charm, making sure we know that she's the cutest, sweetest baby yet.

She's settled very easily into our new school day routines, cooperating by staying awake for the car rides home from dropping Tobin off so she can take a real morning nap in her bed. And then she graciously tolerates when I occasionally have to wake her early from her afternoon nap to go pick up her big-big brother. She seems to enjoy her midday stretches of playtime, errand-running and lunch with Evan and me. I feel grateful that, at the moment, they entertain each other more than they antagonize each other. One day last week, Evan went in to "get Lauren" after she woke from her morning nap. He crawled in her pack'n'play and they played for twenty minutes--without bumping heads! In fact, when I tried to get her out at first she flung her body back towards her bed, so I let her rejoin her brother. Lauren's especially excited when Tobin climbs in the van after school each day. She lights up and starts babbling, with lots of "buh-buhs", which is how she refers to both the boys.

coffee table pose

Mealtimes find Lauren often enjoying cheese and strawberries, which is sort of my go-to meal for her when she rejects other things I offer. She likes other food, but these appear to be her favorites. Last night, after a busy afternoon at Tobin's soccer game, I served the kids a dinner of boxed macaroni and cheese, which they all greeted with unbridled enthusiasm. (Seriously.) I usually just give her a few pieces of pasta at a time and she eats them one by one, cupping the shells on her index finger tip. This time I gave her a bowl and she shoveled pasta in by the handful, happily getting cheese sauce in her hair and ears.

At bedtime, the two of us have developed a routine of reading Where Is Baby's Belly Button? Well, usually I read, and she finds my belly button. I can't help but pretend giggle as she digs her little finger in there because then she really giggles. She would find her own belly button if I didn't have her all zipped up in a footed sleeper. Indeed if I have her in a regular shirt--as opposed to a onesie--during the day, I can almost always find her after her nap pointing to her belly button and telling me all about it. She can also point to her nose, mouth and ears, although she sometimes gets sidetracked sticking her finger up her nose. Lauren also gives kisses on command or as a matter of routine. Almost every time before I put her in bed--if she hasn't fallen asleep nursing--she'll lean in to give me a sweet, sloppy baby kiss. It's the perfect way to say goodnight.

Lauren's latest word is appropriate for her newest activity. She's very interested in shoes ("ah-shh-shhs"), especially when I'm putting mine on or helping Evan with his, so I've been putting shoes on her more lately. Once she's wearing them, she seems particularly interested in walking. She's still crawling most of the time, but each day she's using her walking skills more and more. It's so much fun . . . and nerve-wracking. Case-in-point: this video. Enjoy!


Sewconsult said...

So sweet! I can't wait to see all of you, but especially the kids! Fun to see her walking with such determination to get to Daddy.
Aunt B

allison said...

Beckie, we're looking forward to seeing y'all too!

Katie D said...

Love it! Athena's newest word is also "shoes!" She does the sign (officially it's hitting two fists together side by side, but she does one fist into her other palm), and the verbal word is something like "Oosh." Such a great age!!