Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Midweek Mom's Day

mama & tobin

Today I woke up around 6:15, feeling an unfamiliar grogginess--the kind that comes with sleeping nearly eight hours uninterrupted. (Thank you, Lauren.) Also, sleeping past 6:00 was a treat made possible by Matt taking the day off and not having to leave the house at 6:30. This was a fitting start to a midweek holiday.

gifts for mama

Matt stayed home so I could go to Mom's Day at Tobin's school without Evan and Lauren in tow. He made me a sweet card, handmade picture frame and pretty little "box of hugs," which he told me was something I could look at and hold "but don't even try to open it because I glued over the place where you open it." I enjoyed a sweet chapel service with Tobin sitting in my lap, when he wasn't playing handbells with his Kindergarten class. Their performance of "This Little Light of Mine" was the highlight of my morning.

After Mom's Day, we headed back home to pick up the rest of our family to go pick strawberries at Waller Family Farm along with Tobin's school friends and their families.

"is this one red enough?"

When we first got there, I had to hang back in the van and nurse Lauren, so Matt supervised most of the berry pickin'. Evan squished quite a few strawberries in his hand while Tobin inspected each one to make sure it was "totally red, not even the slightest bit pink." Evan did come around and enjoyed yelling "Here go, T!" as he handed--or threw--berries into Tobin's basket.

berry face

After our basket was full, we watched some cows grazing nearby. Evan spotted them early on and kept asking when we could go see them. He was curious about why they were all the way on the other side of a pond and asked Matt if "cows go boat?"

"cows go boat?"

We left the farm and enjoyed an especially pleasant, peaceful lunch out, then put the babies down for naps when we got home and spent the rest of what turned into a cozy, stormy day together. And we had strawberries for supper.

boys & berries

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Sewconsult said...

He played so well! Adding to the number of family members who have played handbells.
Great job, Tobin. Your strawberries look delicious.
Aunt B.