Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Kindergarten graduate

kindergarten graduation

Today all five of us gathered in Tobin's small school classroom to celebrate his completion of Kindergarten. Joining us were the families of his twelve classmates, including plenty of younger siblings. There was definitely a sweet energy in there. At this simple celebration, Tobin received his Kindergarten certificate from his teacher Ms. Alana Scott and shared a book he wrote first with us and then with the entire room of people.

tobin smith, young author

Tobin's book was about traveling with his family--about seeing rainbows and taking four airplanes in one day.

first page

When Ms. Alana said that the kids had the option of reading to the entire class, I'll admit I thought Tobin would prefer not to read in front of forty-plus people. I mean he's confident as can be with us and other people he knows well, but he occasionally kind of freezes up if he's not comfortable with a situation. So I was a bit caught off guard when he sat in the reading chair in front of all those people and confidently, with great projection, read the cover of his book: "My Travels, written and illustrated by Tobin Smith, The Bears Class 2011-2012." It made my heart swell with pride and gratitude for Tobin and his school experience these last couple years. When I asked him how he felt reading in front of everyone, he said something like, "Well, I was used to it because we practiced, Mom." Here's a portion of his reading, replete with some Evan commentary if you listen closely.

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