Friday, April 13, 2012

Lovely Louisville

brothers at the ohio river

We've been enjoying a pretty laid back spring break here in Louisville. We got off to a quick start with Saturday's Easter parade followed by a full day on Easter Sunday. Since then, Grandma's had to go to work some, Lauren's been under the weather (roseola?) and our camera batteries died with our charger back home in North Carolina. All of this has made it especially nice to take it easy and enjoy the simple pleasures of just being together for the week.

The kids have dropped by Grandma's office a couple of times to see her friends at work. They're always so sweet to us. Matt has mowed the lawn and stained the deck, the latter with Tobin's help. Evan has kept close tabs on Grandma and the dogs. Lauren has been fussy, running a fever for a few days and is now coming down with a rash, but the upside of that is that she's been extra snuggly. Matt and I were able to sneak away one afternoon while Grandma and Nana watched the kids and saw The Hunger Games. We both enjoyed the books and were looking forward to the movie, which did not disappoint. Tonight, we're headed over to Nana's for dinner. Grandma's been home from work for a few hours already and we're looking forward to a leisurely Saturday too.

The near perfect springtime weather--sunny in the 60s and 70s--has been showcasing Louisville's loveliness. We've especially enjoyed taking the kids to the waterfront and to a couple nearby playgrounds. This city has beautiful parks. All a perfect backdrop for a wonderful week.

sister swingin' at seneca

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