Friday, July 03, 2009

What's your job?

One of the bedtime stories we read to Tobin is "Bedtime for Frances," a story about a little-girl badger who doesn't want to go to sleep. When she wakes her dad up late at night to ask why the wind is moving her curtains, he tells her it's the wind's job to move the curtains and that he has to sleep because he has a job. He tells Frances it is her job to sleep and go to school, reminding her that there are consequences for not doing one's job. That book has led Tobin to ask what our jobs are. He asks regularly what someone's (or something's) job is.

We have told Tobin that Evan's job is to sleep, eat, pee, poop, and grow so he can get big to play with us. Here is a video of Evan struggling with the first of the aforementioned jobs.


Sewconsult said...

Looks like Evan is one calm baby.

Matt, I sent an email today. Thanks for checking it.

Sarah said...

i hate to be picky about this, but this is (i believe) evan struggling with the second of the aforementioned jobs.

matt said...

@Sarah: fixed it. I'll blame sleep deprivation for that one.