Wednesday, July 08, 2009

For the sake of comparison

It's a proven, successful parenting strategy to constantly compare your younger child(ren) to your first. Just ask any second or third child. Given that, why not engage in it at the 10-day mark? I've tried to find similar angles for you to compare. I think they look significantly different, but I spend lots of time around them. What do you think? (Here's where you use the comments).

First attempt:
wide awake in a sleeper.
one week old
Second attempt:
hi baby brother

and he was a big baby?


Unknown said...

Clearly the same baby. Someone's been playing with Photoshop.

allison said...

Ha, Molly! I have trouble finding distinctions at this point. Noses are different, & T's head was bigger, but that's all I got. Both ARE gorgeous, of course.

Aunt Louise said...

They are definitely related. Both are beautiful babies.

Sewconsult said...

Same mouth, but eyes are different. Looking forward to seeing Evan in 3-D.

The picture of Evan in the tub, with his arms out, reminds me of a baby doll that I had in about 1957. The doll had the exact pose & the eyes wide open as if to question, "what are you about to do to me?".

Tobin will be a great teacher for his little brother.