Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Three-year stats

I took Tobin in for his three-year wellness appointment this morning. Amazingly, we had not been to his doctor's office for a visit since his two-year check-up last June, except to get his flu vaccine in November. We feel fortunate that he has hardly been sick at all in the last twelve months, apart from a couple of ordinary colds. I suppose this is largely attributable to him no longer being in daycare--just one of the many reasons I am thankful to have spent the last ten months at home with him.

Tobin did wonderfully at what turned out to be a much more "grown up" check-up than he'd had before. He listened to the nurse and climbed up in the chair for her to take his blood pressure. He stepped up on the scale to be weighed and stood tall and still for his height to be measured. Tobin was a little bashful when taking his vision test. When the nurse pointed to a picture of an umbrella, he wouldn't say it was an umbrella, but instead whispered, "It's something you use in the rain." I think he really enjoyed the hearing test, and although he insisted on whispering, he smiled and told the nurse when he heard the beeping on his headphones.

We saw a new doctor this time, because our old pediatrician moved away about a year ago. She was very nice. Tobin answered her questions and climbed up on the examination table, while I sat a few feet away on a bench, for her to check his heart, lungs, ears, eyes, etc. I was so proud of him. Unprompted, Tobin spelled his name for the doctor. When I explained that he really seems to like letters and knows the whole alphabet, Tobin jumped in and said, "The whole alphabet goes like this . . ." and then went on to sing the alphabet song for her.

So Tobin is doing just great health-wise. He weighs 32.2 pounds and measures 37 inches tall, both of which are right at the 50th percentile. I can't say I'm surprised, but I also couldn't be happier to have had such a great report.

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