Friday, June 12, 2009

Teacher Assistant

Today was my last workday before summer break. Tobin came along with me to tie up a few loose ends and bring a few things home. I didn't technically have to be there today, so we took the opportunity to go in late and leave early (and play and socialize a lot while we were there). Our morning got off to a great start with plenty of cars to see and talk about on the highway. Whenever we're on the highway (the "big road" in our family), Tobin calls out the makes of cars around us. For some manufacturers he can accurately call models, too. He reliably recognizes Ford, Chevrolet, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and Dodge. This was our exchange as we were exiting the highway toward my school:
Tobin: That's a white Ford van.
Dad: Yes it is. That one is called a Windstar.
Tobin: A Windstar? I haven't seen those in years!
I've never heard him use that phrase before. I laughed for an entire block. We had a similar car-related conversation on the way home after finishing at school. It went like this:
Tobin: That is a Honda Civic in front of us.
Dad: Well, it's a Honda, but it's actually an Accord.
Tobin: Oh yeah. Yes it is. [sheepish grin and shaking head] Daddy, I'm sorry I said Honda Civic. That was silly..
While we were at school, we shot a video with the new camera Granddad and Grandma sent us (we're giving it a spin before Baby Smith arrives). Here it is:

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Sewconsult said...

Oh, those giggles! Can't help but respond with a goofy grin. Hugs to you all. Prayers for the coming days.