Thursday, August 03, 2017


When we drove to Louisiana, we rented a car with a Bluetooth interface for music. T sat with me a lot, and was really interested in who sang what, what kind of music it was, and when the music was made. He made some fun discoveries of music he liked, and only one he didn't (he's not a James Brown extended-cut fan, for the record).

Since we came back, a regular ritual has been playing records on our turntable during the day. I choose one or let the kids choose, then we listen to one or both sides, sometimes as backgrounds music, sometimes as the main activity. It fills me with all kinds of good memories, and it has been fun to see all three of the kids engage with music and vinyl. I'm thankful for memories I have of listening to and learning to love music, and I'm thankful to be making some of those memories with my own kids.

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