Thursday, May 04, 2017


April/May commences an insanely busy period in our lives--every year. After spring break, we hit the ground running with baseball for all three kids. Matt is in his busy season, preparing for end of grade tests in his current classes while, as English department chair, trying to navigate last-minute staff changes and budget cuts while he plans next year's schedule.

I am sending out approximately one million emails a day, primarily in my parent volunteer roles at the kids' school, recruiting parent volunteers for end-of-year events and next year's leadership roles as well as coordinating Teacher Appreciation Week.

At some point, I need to think about the kids' birthdays, which start with Tobin's eleventh on May 18.

Life can feel overwhelming and abundant with good things. That's kind of what I'm feeling right now and what I remind myself of when I feel really stressed: life is very full of good things. I am thankful for life's abundance in this particular moment. (Also? Exhausted.)

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