Thursday, January 05, 2017


Chili in a new pot πŸŒΆπŸ’™

We got home on Monday and went back to school and work on Tuesday. We had a lovely holiday break but couldn't help feeling like we'd been caught up in a bit of whirlwind after hosting my family here for Christmas, then, on the day after they left, driving to Kentucky to spend the remainder of the break. Tuesday morning was rough. Tobin in particular complained of a tummy ache, something Matt and I knew was born more of anxiety than illness. We each gently encouraged him to eat breakfast and give school a try. I acknowledged how I felt stressed about vacation ending. Matt said he, too, was anxious about heading into his classroom that morning. Tobin went to school and reported at the end of the day, he'd felt better throughout. I totally get it. Re-entry is hard. I hope we helped him not push back his anxiety, but to be brave in spite of it. He was anxious and brave. This week has been hard and comforting.

I don't know that this will become a thing, but instead of writing daily, I thought writing weekly might be more doable. I still like the idea of gratitude being the focus of my posts, so I'll reflect on a few things I'm thankful for in the aftermath of a holiday break.

Our house is a mess. We filled our recycling bin with all the broken-down boxes in the the world, I was sure, but there are still clusters of empty cardboard vessels throughout the house. Our kitchen counter, a magnet for most things, is cluttered by left-over holiday cookies and candies plus the everyday mix of school papers and toys. Our tree is up and will likely stay so indefinitely, as we're bracing for a winter storm this weekend, and I don't see us figuring out a way to compost/re-use it (too ambitious?) in a snow-covered backyard. Our house is a mess, and it is home. It's where we each have our familiar sleeping quarters. The kids have their space to build their newest LEGO sets. I have my kitchen to make a very ordinary but comforting meal like veggie chili. I'm thankful for the chance to make chili in a new blue pot.

I've been mindful of the welcoming feel of returning to home and routine. Whether hugging a neighbor as I head out for a walk, or sitting through a PTA Board meeting with familiar, friendly faces, or receiving a hug from Tobin's teacher when I pick the kids up after school. We weren't gone long, but it was long enough to feel like we were coming home.

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Unknown said...

Love the idea of " re-entry! I sometimes feel that way upon returning from a trip. I do remember the way families have " stuff" everywhere! You and Matt do such a great job of setting priorities. The stuff can wait. Children can't. Keep loving and playing with those 3 little adorable!