Thursday, October 20, 2016

12:34 October 20

I am sitting here at the end of a long, full day, feeling pretty exhausted, because I didn't sleep much last night. Mom arrived earlier today, and she's reading to Lala back in her bedroom. The boys are sitting here near me on the couch, chatting while Tobin draws. I am numbly scrolling through Facebook on my phone, just kinda waiting for everyone to be ready to be tucked in, so I can watch a little baseball or football, then go to bed early.

Then Evan says, sincerely and quietly, "Wow, Tobin, your drawing is so good. You should show it to [our art teacher] Ms. Purple; she'll think it's amazing." And my heart swells with gratitude that, even in my tired, listless state, I was witness to such a tender, kind moment.

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