Saturday, April 30, 2016

12:34 April 30

This morning, I got to have a nice talk with Katie while driving her to the airport. We had a nice visit with her this week, and I realized how grateful I am for friends who so easily incorporate themselves into our lives despite long distances and months between visits.

I was working at the Staff Development Center at 12:34 today. It was good work, and I felt like it was important.

Then I came home, and played basketball in the driveway with the boys. I was thankful for our laughter and friendly competition. After, I came in and played records on my record player with Lauren. We danced and sang all the way through an easy dinner I made. Allison delivered T to his first sleepover, and we have a teeball game to look forward to with Evan tonight. I've been very aware of the preciousness of today and thankful for a day full of people I love.

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