Monday, March 28, 2016

12:34 March 28

I'm thankful for my favorite place to run--right here in Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville has a great public parks system and my mother-in-law's house happens to be right next to the adjacent Seneca and Cherokee Parks. I ran a hilly, scenic four-miler with Matt on Saturday. This morning, I worked on my pace, so I ran a shorter, flatter route on the Seneca Park loop. I have a lot of great memories of almost 20 years of running here. Many moons ago, I ran a cold, November eight-miler through Cherokee Park listening to a literal book-on-tape--i.e., a murder-mystery-on-tape I'd rented from Cracker Barrel and played on my Walk-Man--when I was training for a marathon. Over the years, I've stopped running on my own so much as Matt has gotten into running. We do love our runs together here--even if I usually max out at four miles and let him run a few more on his own. Here's gratitude for the miles logged and hope for many more ahead.

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