Tuesday, February 09, 2016

12:34 February 9

Last night we attended our kids' school's Black History Month celebration. Tobin's class did a group reading of part of Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech. Tobin and his classmates were so engaged and inspiring. The gym was packed as people listened to the class reading and music, and later ate everything from catered African cuisine to potluck soul food.

This morning, as I do every two weeks each Tuesday, I worked in the hallway outside Lauren's classroom, organizing the students' Bag-a-Books they bring home as part of their reading program. I am always impressed with how calm and quiet the hallway is, especially considering it's the primary hall, home to all the youngest classrooms (pre-K and kindergartners). This week there was a bit of an unusual incident as one of the teachers spent at least half an hour out in the hall, talking a student through a temper tantrum. The kid was distraught, but the teacher was so calm and loving, it made my heart break and swell.

There are few things I am more grateful for right now than my children's school community. I love it from top to bottom; indeed, I have a kid on each of its three floors--ha! It is full of love and learning and diversity--all the things I want my kids to experience at their tender ages. I am especially thankful for the classroom teachers and assistant teachers, who demonstrate tremendous patience and genuine love.

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