Tuesday, January 26, 2016

12:34 January 26

The sun is out. I can hear the melting snow drip-drip-dripping. Snow is still infrequent enough around here that this whole process is fascinating. I'm grateful for the hopefulness that comes with a thaw, a good reminder that things are cyclical--seasons of cold, seasons of warmth.


matt said...

I love this. I've come back to re-read it a few times. It reminds me fondly of leafing through Ecclesiastes while tuning out less interesting sermons in church as a kid. It's a good reminder, but feels more positive than the usual "this too shall pass" kind of tooth-gritting version of the same idea. Thank you.

allison said...

I can't say I'm grateful for all the seasons we've been through, but I am thankful we've been through them together. 😘