Sunday, December 30, 2012

Evan at 42 months

42 months

Yesterday we woke up to a pretty snow at Grandma's house in Kentucky. Evan was immediately fascinated and ready to go play. We've had a couple mild winters in a row in North Carolina so it seems like the last time we had a good snow was three years ago when I was still carrying baby Ev around in the Ergo.

sleet or chinstrap?

During breakfast Evan was telling Grandma, Sarah and Dan that he was going to make a snowman and throw snowballs. Tobin chimed in and told Evan that he was going to throw snowballs at him. Evan said, "Yes, you will throw snowballs and you will miss me, Tobin!" Indeed, both boys threw a lot of snowballs but Evan threw more simply because he stayed outside the longest of all the kids and technically outlasted even the adults because Matt, Sarah and Dan had to come in to have lunch and get ready to depart for an early afternoon movie. Evan helped build three snowmen and a snow fort and still wasn't ready to come in. Here's hoping North Carolina treats us to at least one snow this winter so Evan can further hone his snow enthusiasm.

snow enthusiast

The snow was the continuation of a fun Christmas for our family and especially for Evan. He loves spending time and playing with our extended family. He didn't quite understand Santa, maybe in part because we don't make a huge deal about him. Still, we do talk Santa up somewhat since Tobin is at an age when it's fun for him. Evan wanted nothing to do with Santa at the mall. When asked what he wanted Santa to bring him, he usually wouldn't answer but would tell us that he wanted a Perplexus like Tobin's. Well, Santa didn't have a firm request from Evan so he got him a Star Wars action figure set. At first Evan squealed with delight to have his own "Dark Mater" but then decided "that's not good" because he really wanted Perplexus. Ashley and Donnie bailed us out and gave him a Perplexus so he was back to being happy, except when he was frustrated by said puzzle. (As it happens, in this picture Evan is playing with Tobin's and vice versa.)

perplexed by perplexus

Of course he's also been enjoying his Star Wars figures and new Lego sets, spending lots of time playing with Tobin, Daddy or just by himself.

darth vader v. luke skywalker

Evan is increasingly independent in life and in play. Most recently, he decided that he wanted to take a bath "second"--i.e., not with Lauren. So our progression on bath night goes: Lauren, Evan and then Tobin, who bathes himself while we get the younger two in their pajamas. While at first it seemed inconvenient to bathe them all separately, we realized that it might actually be quicker because there's less splashing and playing and we can at least conserve water by letting them use the same water with the occasional warm up. It's a new routine, initiated at Evan's insistence. His independent play finds him entertaining himself like he did for most of the afternoon today. I was in the den reading and watching football while Tobin chatted me up and Lauren insisted on snuggling and/or nursing at what seemed like 30-minute intervals. It occurred to me that I hadn't seen Evan in a while but he was happily in the living room, absorbed in a game on his LeapPad. And while he likes quiet play, he was later happy to lead the post-dinner dance party in the kitchen, much to everyone's delight. He remains the life of our party--whether holiday, snow day or everyday.

enthused ev

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