Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Evan at 40 months

40 months

Yesterday as I guided Evan into the bathroom to set him up on the potty, he told me, "I'm gonna poop like a monster!" I don't know what that means but I like the sound of it, so I will face every challenge from now on like a monster!


Evan's had a busy October. He got to visit Nashville twice in a week. The first trip included all five of us so we could attend Matt's cousin Scott's wedding. The second trip was with just Matt the following weekend so they could pick up our van which had to undergo extensive repairs after breaking down our first weekend there. Matt was glad to have the company on what was basically a 24-hour turnaround trip and Ev, as always, was up for the adventure. And he was the perfect, happy little traveler. We note he does especially well when he doesn't have one or both of his siblings to "compete" with.

geared up

The week before last, Evan had a scary misadventure on our front steps. It was a Thursday morning and as usual, I was a little rushed getting out the door to take Tobin to school. I sent the boys out ahead of Lauren and me--as I have many times before--so I could finish putting on her shoes. The next thing I heard was Evan crying and Tobin yelling that Ev had fallen. With Lauren on my hip, I went out to see Evan lying with his feet on the top step and the back of his head on the third step down. As I helped him up, I realized I had blood all over my hands and there was more on the steps and somehow also even on Lauren's hands! He had quite a cut on the back of his head, which had hit the edge of the brick step. I got him inside and focused on getting the bleeding to stop, which it actually did quite quickly. Luckily, the cut was pretty small too. But there had been so much blood and I hadn't actually seen him fall so I didn't have any sense of how hard he'd hit his head so I more or less panicked and herded the kids to the van to head to the ER, because I couldn't get anyone on the pediatrician's nurse line to pick up. My first clue that things weren't as bad as I imagined should have been that Evan was skipping to the van at this point--totally over the trauma of his fall. Fortunately, I got hold of my mom en route to the ER and she pointed out that since he had stopped bleeding, the cut was small and on the back of his head, and he was acting normally that I could probably just go home and monitor him. So I did go home, where I cleaned him up in the bath and changed his bloody clothes. As I calmed down, I was able to see that he was acting fine, so we got back in the car and took Tobin to school an hour late and then carried on with our day rather normally from there. While very scary at the time, I realize how fortunate he was given we have nine steps and the fall could have been much worse. It's made me extra mindful of how careful we have to be as we use those steps every single day. And maybe there's a slight silver lining here as Evan seems to pay a little more attention to my reminders to be "very careful" on the steps. At least he doesn't try to hop up or down them anymore.

go panthers! go faster!

Like Tobin, Evan's enjoying football. He loves playing soccer with Matt at Tobin's practices and games. We think he'll have a blast playing on a team of his own next fall. And he's paying more attention to football on the TV. He loves pulling for the Panthers. The only thing is that he'll remind us that the Panthers lost. Again. It goes something like "Oh the Panthers played the Bears? And the Bears won? The Panthers lost? Oh man." He likes to repeat things randomly throughout the day and the Panthers' latest loss is no exception. Also, did you know he's going to be Iron Man for Halloween? He's going to be Iron Man today? Tomorrow? Right now?

And he still likes to dance.

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