Friday, August 24, 2012

Tobin at 75 months

75 months

Consider this little post prelude to an even bigger event in Tobin's life: he starts first grade on Monday! I'm admittedly anxious about it, because it will be a bigger transition than from pre-K to Kindergarten since he's changing schools and he'll be away from home all day (9am-3:30pm). Tobin is helping me out a lot by being so excited and positive about it. I know he'll be fine.

Speaking of schools, we got a wonderful surprise last week when we found out Tobin got into our first-choice magnet school. Apparently, the school had a few spots open over the summer when some enrolled families moved away, so there was a secondary lottery and we lucked out with Tobin's name being selected from the available pool of students. The school is Montessori so he'll be in a class of about 20 students, ranging from first to third grade. We got to meet his teacher and visit his classroom last night. He enjoyed exploring the different hands-on activities, especially at the science and math centers, while I chatted with his teacher and a few parents. I actually had to encourage him to wrap up his play time as he was busy right up until the 7pm close of the open house.

silly T

Another adventure for Tobin lately has been visiting a new church with me. It's actually the church where he attended pre-K and Kindergarten, so there are a number of familiar faces. On just our second week there, Tobin was ready to go up to the front for the children's sermon and even chose to attend children's church instead of staying with me in the worship service. He's even reminded me that next week we should try to not sleep so late (We all slept past 8am this past Sunday! That never happens!) so that he can go to Sunday School at 10am. I wouldn't be surprised if he asks me to set an alarm.

Our big boy is as curious and confident as ever, and I look forward to sharing about the start of school next week.

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Sewconsult said...

What a great post, Allison. I am so glad that Tobin got into the school of choice. I still remember him at 2, pointing out the planets. Know you will make it through the day and a few weeks from now, you'll wonder why you were concerned.