Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday mishmash

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Mimi is here! My mom arrived on Thursday and is visiting until this coming Saturday, which means ten days of baby chasin' assistance for Matt and me. Of course, she helps in so many other ways, including cooking and cleaning. She's so much fun for the boys especially, who've had her outside playing golf, kickball and baseball most of the daylight hours.

Speaking of daylight, on Saturday morning Tobin came into our room on 6:03 and whispered loudly, "Hey Dad, my clock says it's 7:03. Can I get up now?" We figured out his computerized (not atomic/satellite) clock thought it was March 11 already, having not accounted for a 29th day in February. So we lost an extra hour of sleep as DST started a day early, courtesy of Leap Year. Another reason it's great Mimi is here! We reminded Tobin that if he wakes up before everyone else, he doesn't have to wake anyone and can just play quietly by himself. At least the kids slept a little later Sunday and today.

On Saturday, we went to our friend Miles' fifth birthday party at an indoor playground. Replete with an awesome homemade dinosaur cake and an old school ball pit, the party was a fun time for all! Tobin and Miles are great friends and can enjoy being the same age for the next two months.

good friends & such big boys

Over the weekend, we learned that Tobin did not gain admission to either of the public magnet schools to which we applied. He got wait-listed (#166) at the public charter school. While we didn't fare well in those lotteries, we still have the possibility of moving to a better school district. Alas, figuring out first grade remains a work in progress.

Yesterday was So-So Selection Sunday. It was tough watching both Kentucky and UNC lose in their conference tourney finals. Although the losses had little effect on either's seeding--as they were both #1 seeds--it's never fun to see your favorite team lose, whether you're five or thirty-five. On a happier note, Tobin and Matt loved watching the NCAA Tournament selection on CBS last night. I was making supper but overheard Tobin cheering when UNC was selected as a #1, and also giving hearty applause when bubble teams Texas (Miles' favorite team) and--oddly enough--NC State made the field. Regarding the latter, Tobin was pulling for as many North Carolina teams as possible to make the field. Tobin has been asking since last week when he can fill out his bracket. That will be the first thing Matt is tasked with doing when he gets home from work today. And he will so happily oblige.

As previously noted, we love March Madness! Even the littlest among us.


The Torg said...

Interested in this school lottery story. :) Great looking site!

allison said...

Thanks, Bill! You may have clicked over to my previous post about it, but the gist of the school situation is: We've heard mixed reviews about our zoned school, so we've been considering other public school options.