Sunday, April 03, 2011

T, Ball

After the fun we had with soccer last fall, we decided to sign Tobin up for t-ball this spring. He's playing in a league for kids aged 4-6, so he's one of the younger kids on the field. I was a little worried about how it would go, in part because he missed the first couple of practices while enjoying time with Granpa and Mimi in Florida. His first practice put any concerns I might have to rest. He loves it. We take it as an especially good sign that he's on the Marlins, since he's in the Fish class at his preschool and he got to see the real Marlins play a spring training game when he was in Florida.

Later in the same week after his first practice, he participated in an opening ceremony for the whole Little League.
happy fish

He had his name announced when his team was recognized. His response was "That's the first time I've heard my name on a microphone."
hat-swiping bull!

He has wanted to spend more time hitting off the tee Grandma got him for his 4th birthday and plays a lot of baseball-like games inside (sometimes involving golf, football, and basketball elements--it's a lot like Calvinball).

On Saturday, he had his first game, an entertaining affair against the Rangers. Each side gets three outs or 5 runs. The game goes on for about an hour, which was enough for three innings of controlled chaos. T's coaches are nice, and do a good job of trying to teach skills while emphasizing fun and provide positive reinforcement. You can tell from the video below that T had a pretty great time.

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Sewconsult said...

Great job T! Following in your dad's footsteps.
Aunt B