Monday, March 01, 2010

Two Choices

Tobin expresses his will strongly sometimes. Lately, the dinner table seems to be the place where he flexes his rhetorical muscle most. A few nights ago, he told Allison that he wasn't going to eat the food she had prepared, and he demanded (loudly) something else. When he started crying at the table, I said "Tobin, you have two choices: you can stay here at the table and eat with us now, or you can go to your room until you're ready to eat with us." He dried up pretty quickly and resumed his charming dinner-table chatter.

Shortly after, Evan began crying from his place at the table. Allison and I moved to get him ready to finish supper and get ready for bed. While we were moving around, Tobin's voice authoritatively said "Evan, you have two choices: you can stop crying and stay here, or you can go to your room."


Elena said...

Heeheehee!!! Your mom told us that story while she was here. I don't know how you and Allison kept from laughing. Did y'all crack up later, when the boys went to bed?


Sewconsult said...

I think Tricia got to tell the story about 4 times during her visit. We all really enjoyed it.