Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A name for Baby Brother

Tobin informed me over lunch today that Baby Brother's name will be Tobin Chevy (as in the auto company, not the comedian) Lee Smith. When I countered that we preferred to have just one Tobin, T said we could refer to him as "Tobin" and the baby as "Tobin Chevy." While Matt and I will take this under advisement, we have already picked out a name that we really like. I fear it might not be quite as clever and hilarious, but do think it will be a little less confusing. In any case, I think it's highly likely that Baby Brother will at some point pick up the nickname Chevy, courtesy of his big brother. (Of course, Chevys might be extinct by then . . .)


DMW said...

This absolutely cracked me up.

Vicki said...

Me too! I've been laughing about it since you posted.

Anonymous said...

Your dear Aunt Viv actually thinks that Baby Brother has been named Chevy! I almost choked when she told Grandmother that it was the chosen name. ROFLOL. Just thought you needed a good chuckle.