Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Quotable T

Given how many times a week--sometimes, a day--I text Matt with the amusing things Tobin says, this should be a regular feature on this blog . . . to the extent it has such things. Here are a few recent faves.

On classification of species: "Dogs are not animals because they're REAL! And they BARK and BITE things! That means they are not animals."

While taking a walk through our neighborhood: "Let's sit on this bench. It makes your bottom feel nice."

Thoughtfully answering Matt's query whether Tobin and Mama put "love" in the granola they made: "No, love is a special kind of granola."

While looking at my eyes in the lovely sunshine we've been having lately: "Mama, your eyes look like honey." (Sniff.)

And of particular relevance these days, instead of telling us he has "to go potty," T often says: "I have some tee-tee in my penis!"

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