Thursday, February 26, 2009

Silly daddy

Tobin and Allison have made a regular habit of visiting me for lunch at work this semester. School offers lots of exciting things to Tobin: big-big kids, big steps, daddy's friends (pronounced free-yuns) and--today's favorite--my dry erase board. We let him stand on a chair and I gave him a few markers to draw with.

While he was drawing, he was chatting everybody up. Bryon came in to eat with us asked how Allison was feeling. When Bryon asked Tobin if he was excited about being a brother, he said "Yes!"

I decided to follow up with a question of my own: "What will Baby Smith call you?"

Tobin bent at the waist laughing, then looked at me with a you're-kidding glance and said "That's silly Daddy. Babies don't talk."

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