Sunday, December 02, 2007

More Tobin Talk

Yesterday's post was so much fun that we did more today. Tobin is feeling well again and had a great day. There is some repetition in the video's content, but I doubt you'll mind. There are about 30-40 words we try to get him to repeat regularly. We try a couple of new words each day and repeat the old ones to stay fresh. It's fun when we realize the lessons have stuck, for instance: Tobin and I walked past a car full of barking dogs in the grocery store parking lot this evening and he said "Goodog" (Good dog). He has even begun to construct simple sentences: "Buh-bye wa-wa" when we drain the tub and "Buh-bye Daddy" when I grab my keys. He'll be telling us all stories soon. Enjoy the video.

Download the Windows Media version.
Download the Video iPod version.

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Anonymous said...

Too cute! And so proud! And if the camera doesn't lie, I think someone got a little trim of his hair?????? Just a guess(O: Love yall and thanks for posting this!