Monday, September 03, 2007

A family first

After our Labor Day dinner of veggie burgers and roasted potatoes (our attempt at healthy french fries, which were quite yummy with olive oil & rosemary), we took Hannah out for an evening walk. Usually, there are only three of us walking because Tobin rides in the stroller. But we decided to take a very short walk due to the heat, so tonight Tobin walked with us to the end of our little street and back (maybe 100 yards).

Tobin was very enthusiastic even before we stepped out the door because he was wearing NEW SANDALS. We had tried the same pair on him earlier in the summer but he did not like them because they felt funny on his toes (picture flip flops with a heel strap). Tonight was quite different. He LOVED them. He would walk around giggling and just looking at his feet. Then we went outside, and there was more laughing as he walked down the street with us, sometimes holding my hand or Matt's hand or both of our hands or no one's hands. He made Matt and me both a little nervous because he fell a couple of times. While we're used to the falling that comes with new walking (Matt likes to exclaim, "Sniper!" when Tobin falls seemingly randomly and, especially, sideways.), it's totally different when he's falling on asphalt. Tobin, however, was undaunted by any stumble. He just loved being outside and looking at fascinating things close up like parked cars, trash cans, recycling bins, and grass! He loved to walk up to the curb onto the grass and kneel down and pat the grass. We also let Tobin hold Hannah's leash but she pulled it out of his hands rather easily, which was startling to her (it's retractable and would fly back towards her) and hilarious to him.

The walk ended with Tobin walking up all nine of our front steps with some help from Dad. Once inside, we took his sandals off. He protested until he realized that he could hold the sandals and shake them while almost-running around the house. And squealing with laughter.

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