Saturday, July 28, 2007

On the Run

I was looking at the difference between the Toblog this year and last year's and I have a pretty simple explanation: mobility. Last summer I happily typed away, relating nuggets of neophyte parent observations while watching Tobin sleep or rock back and forth in his bouncy chair, somewhat aware of the world around him. This summer, the world is wide and needs to be explored. Naps have been foregone in the name of toppling, scooting, and playing. It's pretty rare lately to get a spare moment during the day to reflect and type. After T's bedtime, I usually like to sit and enjoy a few still moments before going off to bed myself.

That isn't meant at all to be a complaint. This summer has been even more fun than last one; the only downside is I'm not recording as much of it for everybody else. A part of constant movement that has been really good this summer is running with T. We run pretty much every morning with the jogging stroller. A lot of times, he yells encouragement to me and to other people out running. Other times, he drifts off around the time we hit the first mile mark and snoozes all the way home. I tried to figure how many miles we've put on the stroller since Tobin got it for his birthday, and my best guess is 50 or 60 miles.

The next step in Tobin's movement is walking. Allison and I have decided that T has all the tools necessary to walk. He cruises well and stands up without holding on for as long as 30 seconds. It really seems to be a matter or comfort. There was a brief period when he would make a strange, whining noise when he would let go of the coffee table or whatever he was holding onto. He's really careful and tentative. Plus, he's such a fast crawler that he might just not see the benefit in walking yet.

I've tried to film him standing, but his interest in the camera outweighs his will to walk. I'll keep trying, and I'm sure we'll get the word out quickly when he's embraced the biped lifestyle.

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