Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Summer Project

As most of you know, Hannah hurt her back a couple of weeks ago. One of the projects that Tobin and I have taken on this summer is making sure she rests and recuperates. She's doing much better. The trouble we're having the most right now is keeping her from running and jumping. She's excited to be able to move semi-normally again and would definitely take on stairs by herself if we let her. She's got another 10 days or so before she can go on full walks around the neighborhood with Tobin and the whole family, but if she continues to improve at this rate, she'll be almost as good as new pretty soon.

Since this is the Toblog and not the Hannah-blog, you might be wondering why I would talk so much about her here. I was really worried about how she would react to Tobin's playing when she was hobbled. Since there were a few days where she couldn't just trot away from him, I was afraid that we would see signs of defensiveness--and maybe even aggression. Instead, she has been just as patient and gentle with him as ever. He slaps her on the snout every once in a while and (gasp!) smacked her back a few times, but she never reacts with anything but submission. Now that she can walk away again, she'll just move out of his way and find another spot to lie down. I like to think that Tobin is trying to help with her rehabilitation by going to see her when we have to confine her in her crate. He takes every opportunity to let her out when his parents turn their backs. He even brings toys to her in bed sometimes (see pictures). It's not exactly the beginning of summer break that I had planned on, but it's good to see her improving and it's great to see how much Tobin loves her.

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