Sunday, March 11, 2007


Tobin has achieved full mobility. Below is the evidence.

You may know that one of the few things I keep constantly organized is our CD collection. All of our music is arranged alphabetically by artist, then by original release date. I find it very pleasing to know that I can find any album at a moment's notice. Tobin likes CDs too. The nearest CD tower was Tobin's first destination once he mastered crawling. One of his favorite activities now is pulling CDs off the shelf and spreading them around:

music lover

they were in the wrong order anyway

While it has been a little more work to keep up with Tobin since he learned how to mosey around, it's also been a lot of fun. You need look no further than the video below. Click the picture of Tobin to launch the video. It's about 16MB in size, so it may load slowly. The soundtrack is part of a song that Tobin likes to dance to.

T's Crawling Video from matt smith on Vimeo.

Here's your special treat: For those of you with Video iPods, here is a link to the same video in an iPod friendly format. Right-click on the link, then add the video to your iTunes video folder and you've got mobile Tobin in a mobile format. I'll make a copy of all future videos in this format. When I have time I'll convert all of the old Toblog videos so you can add all of them to your iPod. I have Tobin videos loaded on mine and love to spring them on people who make the mistake of saying "Do you have any pictures of your son?"

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Bethany Walsh said...

Have been waiting all weekend for this and was it worth it. Glad I couldn't sleep and checked one more time. Will be on my IPod soon...thanks for thinking of us.
He will be up and walking watch out comes TOBIN!!!