Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving Pictures

I've added a few pictures to our picture page. Below are a couple of my favorites. I'll be posting a few more later tonight and over the next couple of days. We really enjoy reading your comments here on the blog, and I'd like to encourage you to leave comments on our flickr site, too. All you need to do is start a flickr account (instructions are on the site), add us as a friend, and you may comment to your heart's content.
kisses from grandma
table tummy time
Thanksgiving was wonderful. We enjoy any time we can share Tobin with people, but it's especially wonderful to share him in a place where he is so clearly loved. Tobin might not remember everyone's names from the weekend, but he knows what family feels like.

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Anonymous said...

And his hands are even at the correct positions on the steering wheel, he drives a lot like me(O: