Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Five months old

Can you even believe it? Tobin Lee turns five months old today. (I actually didn't remember/realize it until about 2pm today, after a busy morning of oral arguments at the court . . . even though I've been waiting for the date for a few weeks now.) I suppose six months will be a bigger milestone since he'll probably be trying solid food and sitting up. Plus it's half-way to the big one-year. But for some reason, five months old sounds so much older than four months old to me.

Recently, a friend asked me if it felt like he was growing up too fast--whether I was mourning him becoming less and less of a "baby" each day. It's a mixed experience for me. Matt and I often remark how we hardly remember our life (and home) before him. But then it's seems not too long ago that we felt him kick inside my belly for the first time. I was a little sad tonight as I was nursing him and thought about the fact that I really only have about one more month of my milk being his only nourishment--a loosening of a certain, exclusive bond we have. But there are so many upsides to him growing older. I feel we get to know the little person he is a little better each day. And that's so much fun. It's great to feel like we actually communicate well. He "talks" a lot now. We can't even imagine what's going to come out of that little mouth once he starts using words. Very important, entertaining things, I'm sure.

His timing always impeccable, Tobin rolled from belly to back for us tonight and practiced sitting up. Even more precious were the smiles and squeals we got during our family time this evening. We are incredibly blessed people, Matt and I, and our little Tobin counts as the greatest of our blessings.

(Here are a couple of pictures of Tobin on his five-month birthday, performing the aforementioned tricks.)

if you asked me if i can sit up yet, i might say yes.

i just rolled over


Anonymous said...

He looks SO very grown up in the first picture. It does seem like he's been here forever, but at the same time it doesn't seem long ago that I was meeting him for the first day in the hospital. It's a joy to watch him grow.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday,Tobin!!
What a joy you have brought to all our lives. As your Momma said, you are a blessing and so loved.
Aunt Bethany

Elena said...

What a charmer!

Hope we get to see all four of you either at Thanksgiving or Christmas!