Saturday, September 16, 2006

New Pictures!

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind, but I feel like I'm beginning to get my feet back under me a little bit. One of the things that hasn't gotten its due attention is the Toblog. To catch up, I posted quite a few pictures on our Flickr account.

Hopefully, as I get used to the new schedule, I can find time to post pictures and updates more often. It's a little easier to find blogging time during my summer schedule. So, for those of you that still check the site every day, I'll be making an effort to send out more news. Even if it means I neglect a few essays written by my students. Thanks again for reading. Below are some of my favorite new pictures at our Flickr page.

sir smiles-a-lot

excited for aunt bethany

uncle al is funny

press kit photo


Anonymous said...

Thanks for those! I can't wait to see yall again(O:

Anonymous said...

um. nope. can't think of anything witty or great or sassy or funny. just wanna say sheesh he's so pretty.

(and after atticus and so many of my girlfriends having little boys..i want like a MILLION of them. a little army of boys. but my mom says i'll spoil atticus so much, he'll end up living in our basement until he's like 40. and i'm s'okay, right? i'll hook him up w/some sweet gaming systems and make his bed every morning. that's NORMAL, am i right? right? ok, maybe not. but still. still.)