Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Some random reflections

Four weeks ago today was a rough Tuesday for me. I had not slept well because I was having early labor contractions, but they weren't regular enough to make me think it was time to go to the hospital. I was uncomfortable, confused, and frustrated. I remember crying as Matt left for work--which certainly didn't make it easy for him to go teach all day and then coach a playoff game (which, sadly, his team lost). My friend Danielle stopped by and spent several hours with me, which was a tremendous help. (Thanks, DMW.) Tobin came two long days later.

So here I am on this Tuesday, filled with gratitude about the present state of things. Tobin is about to wake up from his second nap of the day (and it's only noon--what a life!). I feel that Tobin, Matt, and I are growing more in sync with each other with each passing day. I am feeling more confident in my role as Mom and, consequently, enjoying it more. Tobin is helping a lot by sleeping really well. Most of the last week, he has only awakened once between 11pm and 5am. He seems to be developing more of a routine with his sleeping and eating habits in general. The amazing part about all of this is that we haven't tried to "train" him to do this. Mostly what we've done is try to figure out what he needs or wants and give it to him--regardless of the time of day. My baby books say that babies fuss a lot during these first few weeks because they're getting used to life outside the womb. I'm hoping that Tobin is feeling more and more comfortable out here each day. Matt and I sure like having him in our world.

Tobin's great-aunt Louise just left after a five-day visit, which was really nice for all of us. It looks as if we won't have another visitor until June 30, when his Grandpa and Mamaw Walsh stop by on their way to a mission trip in Kentucky. It's been really wonderful to have so many family members visit our corner of the world and we look forward to more. In the meantime, we'll enjoy a nice stretch of alone time as a family.


Heather said...

very sweet allison. tobin is a pretty lucky kid. and by the way, i heart the "insert witty title here" picture on flicker. precious! :)

DMW said...

allison, i miss you with my whole heart and wish i could come over and help you with ANYTHING right now. I don't know where else to put this feeling except here.