Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Professional Help

We're readers. In general, I find books and manuals helpful, but it seems like there's a theme among baby books that I've been consulting. Last night, Tobin was either fussing or eating for a four-hour stretch -- seriously fretting or ravenously eating. So . . . I check a couple of baby books. It seems like the books always say something like: "If your baby is fussy immediately after a filling meal, it could be an early sign of tripeptobribeosis, a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention or, he could be fine and especially hungry at this time of the day."

Hmm. So, it's either a) something really serious for which we should pack the car and call ahead to the hospital OR b) just relax and live with it because it's normal. I think I could write that book. Maybe I'll let other people ask me questions. Maybe the exchange could be something like this:
Worried Parent: "My baby has spit up three times in the last hour and has filled two diapers since I started looking for your email address in the helpful book you published."
Dr. Matt: "Hmm. Spitting up and pooping could be serious signs of a predilection for obstrepsopsis of the ductal tract. Of course, it could also be that he ate a lot and is merely going through normal digestive cycle. Beats me. Thanks for buying my book."
I guess that's part of parenting. Worrying and fretting over what is probably and hopefully nothing to worry about.

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Heather said...

sounds close to what the vet said about murray recently. "he could have just eaten some grass or it could be colon cancer"... $900 later... "well, he seems to be feeling better, whatever it was"

Elena said...

I'd go with the "it's probably a growth spurt" thing. Or just his mood. Or his body adjusting to being outside the womb. Now if the trend continues for several days and is accompanied by other signs of illness (like a fever or a rash or other oddity), then call the doc.

You're in for years of concern. :o) It's part of the job, I hear.

I bet your parents are chuckling--->now you have a taste of what they went through! The joys, the worries, the concerns, the amazing miracle of it all.

Just don't mush his face into any ketchup. ;o)

Anonymous said...

i've only been a mama for 2.5 years (close to) i feel as if i KNOW NOTHING about being a mama, really. i wouldn't DARE act like i do. b/c we all have so much to learn. but what i have learned is that w/babies...seriously...pretty much ANYTHING GOES. they have weird eating patterns and sleep patterns one day..and then, the next day they're back to normal. and i would ask our pediatrician IS THIS NORMAL!? and he would look @ me, honestly..and be like EVERYTHING'S NORMAL. and he's been a pediatrican for 40 years and he has six kids of his own. so, i'm like ALRIGHT THEN. b/c's so crazy sometimes.

{and i thought i was a bit of a Worrier before i had a baby. sheesh.}

the weird thing IS all normal. and being a parent makes you Crazy in a strange new way. and it also helps you to understand your own parents, that's what i think.

oh and btw, i don't know if i've told you this {yeah right} but your little boy is cutecutecute. ya'll make some pretty babies. KEEP 'EM COMING!!